Beaches mean picnics, and picnics, often, mean sandwiches. Something Natural is the heavyweight, here. The quaint shack of a sandwich shop, on an expansive property dotted with picnic tables, is famous for its home-baked breads
— Food + Wine Magazine


"Get to the beach as quickly as possible. En route, stop at the beloved local sandwich institution Something Natural on the outskirts of town, and pick up one of the piled-high sandwiches such as an avocado, Cheddar and chutney ($7.25 for a monster-size half). Then walk 10 minutes east to Steps Beach, which sits on the calm harbor side of the island. Soak in the panoramic view from the top of the steps before descending onto the soft white sand."

New York Times

Gigantic sandwich? Or gigantic cookie? Such are the tough choices at Something Natural, an out-of-the-way eatery with a fiercely loyal following. Meals can be brown-bagged for the beach or enjoyed at one of the picnic tables that dot the lawn....

(Actually, now that we think about it, it’s not a tough call after all: Obviously, you get the gigantic sandwich and the gigantic cookie.)

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